All of You

Posted in poetry, Ramblings with tags , , , on April 21, 2017 by Kosmic Klown

That bit between your ear and your neck,
Is a tasty place for gentle pecks,

Your armpits, the hairy bits,
I love to feel them in my lips.

I also really love your tits,
Especially the little nipply bits.

And what about your sexy tummy?
Blowing raspberries on it is not just funny.

Let’s not forget the backs of your knees,
That I do so love to suck, kiss and tease.

And the petite beauty of your feet,
Well that just can’t be beat.

There’s no single part of you I don’t adore,
Pleasing you? Well it’s what I’m made for.


You Don’t Have To.

Posted in Art, poetry, Ramblings with tags , on March 31, 2017 by Kosmic Klown

You don’t have to say you love me,
I think I know you care,
Just so long, as you know,
I will always, now be there.

I don’t have to say I love you,
I know this is the case,
These feelings, well they’re a nameless thing,
On which my words I base.

When I say you’re beautiful,
I just can’t help myself,
As much by the eyeful,
As it is truly felt.

It’s never been like this before,
It’s never been so good,
you’re perfect and you found me,
Like I thought you never would.

I surrender all I am to you,
My heart and soul and mind,
Use my flesh as you see fit,
These arms are yours to bind.


There’s Anna

Posted in poetry, Ramblings with tags , , , , on February 14, 2017 by Kosmic Klown

When the sunlight dapples bright of eye,
There’s Anna.
When the moon and stars are in the sky,
There’s Anna.
When I’m alone and I think of you.
There’s Anna.
When I know, sweetheart, this love is true
There’s Anna.
When the world is still and nothing moves,
There’s Anna.
The pain of your absence, my love proves,
There’s Anna.
when I look in your eyes, and it stops the world.
There’s Anna.
When all that’s loved and goes unheard,
There’s Anna.
and all I am I give to you,
all I have is yours too.
Anna I love you.


Here and Now

Posted in Ramblings on October 27, 2016 by Kosmic Klown

I am here and now.
This I know is true.
I am not there or then.
I am not present in the past.

I am here and now.
I can see this.
I can feel this.
I can hear this.
I can taste this.

I am here and now.
Of the wherefore and how of this,
I can not be sure.
For this is speculation.

I am here and now.
I know this to be true.
The past is non-existent.
The future has no form.

I am here and now.
I know this to be true.
This is all I know.
I am here and now.


John Hegley’s Shoes

Posted in Art, Comedy, poetry, Ramblings with tags , on October 26, 2016 by Kosmic Klown


I Listened to a man today.
And I didn’t even have to pay.

It was a man quite specific.
Actually I think he’s terrific.

John Hegley is his name.
Nobody is quite the same.

Funny, Specky, Geeky, Lanky.
Won’t put up with any, hanky panky.

Like a spidery Rock a Billie,
Who’s really more of a silly Billy.




Dots of Beauty.

Posted in poetry, Ramblings with tags , , , on October 15, 2016 by Kosmic Klown

A dot’s a most irregular thing,
Of it’s place there is no doubt,
With whatever charm it brings,
as we see it around about.

This honey coloured mark of Venus,
Stippled pleasures mottled joy,
a dot to dot for hopeful dreamers,
Behind which beauty’s coy.

This very, very special dot
The name we give this speckle,
This gorgeous tiny, tiny spot,
It is of course the freckle.


Normally I’m Weird

Posted in philosophy, poetry, Ramblings with tags , , , on June 21, 2016 by Kosmic Klown

Normal is a funny word,
So speaking relatively,
Being safely placed amid the herd,
or just in the vicinity?

Weird is what you call me,
That’s fine I understand.
Is it really what you think I am,
Or just a handy way to brand?

Oddly placed upon the world,
Always labeled as distinct,
Creativity unfurled,
A thinker on the brink.

Am I really on my own,
Or are we all the same?
Am I all I want to be,
Or am I as I came?

Normal’s not a word I use,
Others wear it as a sigil,
There’s need to neither to win nor lose,
When considered as individuals.

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